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Legal Junk Car Removal | Kennedale, TX

Kennette Export Company provides quick and efficient legal junk car removal in Kennedale, TX. We come to you, and we pay you top dollar for your vehicle and better yet, we pay in cash. Call our experienced car buying company to remove a vehicle of any size. We buy cars, light trucks, vans, and SUVs. Sell your junk car today.

Free Quotes

Call us before talking with someone else. We'll give you a free quote on how much your car is worth. Simply describe your vehicle's condition. If you want the most accurate quote possible, text us at (817) 899-8889 and send us a picture. You are under no obligation to sell.

Save On Expensive Repairs

Will fixing your old junker cost you more than it's worth? Are the repairs going make you broke? Call us for quick relief. We are an experienced car buying company, and we'll leave you happy with cash in your pocket, instead of a bill for repairs.

If you don't have room to store your car, or your neighbors are complaining about your junker on the front lawn, call us to make some money and solve your problem at the same time. If your insurance is denting your wallet, we can help you hold on to your money. We even purchase commercial vehicles.

Legal Junk Car Removal | Kennedale, TX

We have years of experience helping people unload their unwanted vehicles. Call us if your car keeps breaking down or giving your parking ticket headaches. The city has a move-it-or-lose-it policy. They can put a removal sticker on your car and then take it away in just 24 hours. Don't lose your car forever without making any money from it; call us to get cold, hard cash.

Legal Title Required

You must have title to the vehicle. We take all vehicles in any condition, but knowing the condition of your vehicle helps us send the right truck to remove it quickly.