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Offering Legal Junk Car Removal in Kennedale, TX

Do you own a vehicle that’s on its last leg? Is it occupying a spot in your driveway or taking up value usable space on your property? A broken down car, truck, or SUV that sits idle on your property does more harm than good. When you’re looking to get rid of your unwanted vehicle, turn to Kennette Export Company.

Consider us your local source for legal junk car removal in Kennedale, TX. Where some drivers see inoperative eyesores, we see potential. If you’ve performed queries for “where to sell my car” and haven’t had much luck on account of your downed vehicle, we have a fitting solution for you. Trust our team to take your clunker off of your hands and give you cash in exchange. No matter what its make, model, or size, the dedicated professionals at our car buying company are prepared to remove your problem vehicle from your property and reward you kindly.


With years of experience in vehicle salvage to our name, we understand that every car, no matter what its condition, has an inherent value. When you relinquish your battered or broken down ride over to our team, we’ll provide you with the highest possible offer based on several different factors, which include:

  • ·         The Vehicle’s Condition
  • ·         The Manufacturer
  • ·         The Model of Vehicle

When you call our car buying company, you can rest assured that we’ll buy your car, light trucks, van, or SUV. Best of all, we’ll come to you and pay top dollar for your vehicle. Consider calling us before requesting junk car removal services from someone else.

We’ll provide you with a complimentary, no obligation quote for your junk vehicle. It’s all part of our unending customer commitment. Please note that you must have the title. We take all cars, truck, and SUV in any condition, but knowing the state of your vehicle helps us send the right truck to remove it quickly.

Legal Junk Car Removal | Kennedale, TX

Request Vehicle Salvage Instead of Unnecessary  Repairs

Are you considering fixing your vehicle to make it roadworthy again? Will fixing your old junker cost you more than it's worth? Instead of spending time and money on something that may not pan out, call us for quick relief. Our specialists would much rather leave you happy with cash in your pocket, instead of upset with a bill for repairs.

If you don't have room to store your car indoors, or your neighbors are complaining about your junker on the front lawn, reach out to our professionals. We’ll provide you with a sound solution to your junk car removal problem and give you something extra to ease your mind in the process. If your insurance is denting your wallet, we can help you hold on to your money. We even purchase commercial vehicles.

Enjoy Our Vehicle Salvage Solutions

Car, trucks, or SUVs that sit broken down on your property aren’t just dangers and eyesores, but they can also make you, the property owner, liable for injuries to those working on or attempting to operate the vehicle. Avoid these unwanted liabilities, and earn some extra cash in the process. Fill out our online quote request form for a free, no-obligation cash quote for your vehicle today. 

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