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Sell Your Junk Car in Kennedale, TX

When you purchase your vehicle of choice, you hope to obtain many happy years together. However, your motorized means of transportation, not unlike you, ages. You may discover many things are seizing and breaking down, like your engine for instance! Did you know that your junker can still make one more trip to our company? At Kennette Export Company, we make it convenient to sell your junk car in Kennedale, TX. 

With over 200 million vehicles registered across America, we made it our business to provide a useful alternative to your expired mode of transportation. Whatever your beloved vehicle is, rest assured you can unload cars, trucks, or sell old motorcycles. Our company knows they all have a limited lifespan and need to be recycled in some way. 

Even if Betsy (as most of us like to call our vehicle) isn’t reliable anymore, or it’s just sitting in storage, chances are you’re still paying monthly or quarterly insurance premiums. Selling us your junk car frees up your finances and helps put some extra cash in your pocket.

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If you’re wondering “how can I get quick cash for my old car,” we can help. You don’t need to jump through any special hoops when selling for fast cash. No application process or long waits for approval are required. A simple phone call can get you a professional estimate and pickup time for the vehicle in question. All you’ll need is the title in your name, the car in the condition stated, and hopefully, a smile on your face as the tow truck driver hands you cash on-the-spot when you sell your junk car.

So when you’re ready for a stress-free exchange and a wad of cash for your clunker, merely call us for a quote. Kennette Export Company will come to you quickly, so be prepared for pickup with your keys and title documents in hand. We’ll have your cash in ours ready to oblige. Everything is handled legally, including the license plates. Let us give you back your garage or that spot on your driveway, with quick junk car removal.

Contact us today at Kennette Export Company for more information on how you can sell your junk car or any other domestic vehicle. We proudly serve Kennedale, TX, and the surrounding areas.


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